"Cleaning Up The House Part 2"

"Cleaning Up the Home - Part 2" is the culminating challenge for our Lego Spike Prime Movement unit, using the free robotics curriculum provided on CS2N.org.

This is a 4 minute video demonstrating:

  1. How to use MY BLOCKS (subroutines) to create a repeatable algorithm for this challenge.

  2. How to SLOW DOWN the robot movement so the "utensils" and "trash" legos can be deposited in desired locations (and aren't slung across the board!)

  3. How to use VARIABLES in the code so it's easier to experiment / iterate / alter repeated numbers in the scripts.

Here are the details for the "My Blocks" lesson on CS2N.org, which I call, "Cleaning Up the Home: Part 2."

Here is a screenshot of the code I used to create this solution. You can also download the actual source code and load it into Spike Prime software.