Family Oral History Unit by Wesley Fryer

StoryCorps Interview Reflection

Context Help: These is a lesson (an "assignment" in our school LMS, Canva) for my multi-lesson unit on "Family Oral History."



Use the links on "5.0 Storycorps Example Interviews" to find and listen to AT LEAST THREE interviews / digital stories.

Select ONE interview and record your AUDIO REFLECTION about it using VOCAROO

In your AUDIO reflection you must:

1- Say your FIRST name and the date at the start, and explain what you are going to talk about

2- Share a reflection (1 to 2 minutes) about the interview and what you noticed or liked.

On your Google Site / Digital Portfolio be sure to:

Turn In

Turn in the PUBLIC LINK to your “Audio Interview Reflection” CHILD page on your Google Site / portfolio.

Image Version

StoryCorps Interview Reflection