SIFT Lesson Videos

The SIFT web literacy framework and "lateral reading" are two of the most important topics and skills in our media literacy / computer applications course. These are current lessons and units which address SIFT / lateral reading:

InfoPic using the NASA logo, shared to Padlet, created with Adobe Express for iPad using images from our Shared SIFT Images folder on Google Drive.

"Teaching the Conspiracies" was/is a 6 week micro-credential course offered through the 2024 MediaEd Institute, by the Media Education Lab.

Moon Hoax Conspiracy Unit Videos

These are videos I'm using (as of Spring 2024) or "have used" in our Froot Loop Conspiracy Theories (Moon Landing Hoax Investigation) unit. Many of these are also available as a YouTube Playlist.

Introducing Media Manipulation, Conspiracy Theories and SIFT

Introducing Lateral Reading

JP Sears "13 Reasons the Moon Landing Was Fake" - (Lateral read with WikiPedia)

SG Collins - "Moon Hoax Not" (Lateral read with Everybody WikiPage of SG Collins)

Moon Hoax NOT (13 min - 4 sec removed)

70mm IMAX Film (8.5 min)
just show a short part

diary 2023-04-03

Birds Aren't Real: Official Website - Wikipedia

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