These are resources for using Minecraft Education at school / in the classroom. I've been using Minecraft Education since it was "MinecraftEDU Java Edition" circa 2013. Currently I use Minecraft Education for a screencasting lesson in my middle school media literacy / computer applications course, and with our "Gaming Club" for our Middle School students.

Minecraft Education Resources by Other Teachers

Student Plots (by Mr Chris Fuge) is a Minecraft Education world I've used for in-class student building projects.

Build Plate Worlds

These "build plate worlds" for Minecraft Education by Nathan Richards are excellent and have some very advanced features, especially for teachers that may not be as familiar or comfortable with Minecraft Commands.

Dragon Realm

Dragon Realm is an amazing build originally created by Benjamin Kelly, which I've modified and used in virtual summer camps. (Link below)

Minecraft Education Resources I've Created / Modified

Minecraft Education Worlds

Older stuff...

Resources from the Middle School Minecraft Club I led at Casady School in 2020-2021 and 2021-22 are available, as well as the virtual Minecraft Education summer camps I led with help from high school student facilitators / camp counselors.