Student AI Guidelines *

Welcome to our class! As technology and artificial intelligence (AI) become increasingly integrated into our learning and work experiences, it's vital to establish some guidelines for the ethical and productive use of AI tools. Below you will find instructions on how to use AI in OUR class, as well as some best practices to ensure a respectful and inclusive environment for everyone. Be aware different teachers may have different AI use guidelines, so check with your other teachers before using AI tools for class assignments / work!

1. AI Use Guidelines

2. Image Guidelines

3. Suggested AI Tools

There's a vast array of AI tools out there, but here are some recommended ones for our class:

By adhering to these guidelines, we can make the most of the technology available to us while ensuring a positive and productive classroom environment. If you have any questions or concerns about the use of AI in our class, please feel free to reach out.

last updated 13 September 2023

* Thanks Eric Curts for suggesting & providing an AI prompt to improve teacher-written classroom AI Guidelines! See his excellent webinar, "Artificial Intelligence / Natural Misuse - Managing AI in Schools." (Great links in the video description, including his presentation slides!) The prompt I copied/used is on his slide 22.

Photo by Viralyft on Unsplash 

These are my "custom guidelines for ChatGPT 4.0, updated 23 Oct 2023

Do you have feedback on these guidelines? They are a "work in progress!" Please contact Dr. Fryer with suggestions or ideas!