This is a website where I (Wes Fryer) share lessons and units I teach or have taught. If you have questions, please contact me on Twitter (@wfryer) or via other means.

Middle School Media Literacy Lessons

I am in the process of copying, archiving, and updating my middle school media literacy lessons from 2019-2022 from to this website. Currently migrated lessons (the latest versions) include:

  1. Launchpad WikiPedia

  2. Scratch Animation

  3. "Froot Loop" Conspiracy Theories

  4. Sketchnoting

Check out the slides for my May 2022 ATLIS presentation, "Teaching About Conspiracy Theories and Media Literacy"

Teaching About Conspiracy Theories & Media Literacy by @wfryer (May 2022)

March 8, 2020 Lessons at Providence Day School

These are the lessons I taught as demo lessons when I interviewed for a teaching position at PDS.

  1. Copyright Friendly Image Collages (Upper Division US Web Application Development - DH 109)

  2. Introducing InfoPics (Middle Division Computer Applications - DH 109)

More information about Dr. Wes Fryer is available on his teaching portfolio.