Table of Contents

I am in the process of copying, archiving, and updating my middle school media literacy lessons from 2019-2022 from to this website, as well as adding new Robotics activities / curriculum. Currently migrated lessons (the latest versions) include:

  1. "Froot Loop" Conspiracy Theories

  2. Digital Portfolio

  3. Scratch Maze

  4. Scratch Animation

  5. Launchpad WikiPedia

  6. Sketchnoting

  7. Family Oral History

  8. Password Safety & Scratch Account

  9. Fix These InfoPics

  10. Introducing InfoPics

  11. Image Collages

  12. GMail Filters

  13. GeoMap

  14. Narrated 5 Photo Stories

Dr. Fryer's 6th Grade Advisory Class in 2021-22