In this multi-lesson unit students will learn about guidelines and develop skills for effective sketchnoting: "Representing ideas non-linguistically with visual icons / drawings as well as text." More resources for teachers are available on the "Sketchnoting" page of ShowWithMedia.com. (Updated 5 Nov 2023)

Preferred Sketchnoting Tools

(These are dynamic and subject to change, depending on app / platform updates!)

For iPad users:

For Chromebook users:

Sketchnoting Examples

More examples of Sketchnotes and Narrated Sketchnotes by Dr. Fryer are available.

More Examples

Exported Time-Lapse Version

Sketchnote #1: Drawing In Class (2 day lesson)



Turn In

Additional Lessons

Tutorial Videos

More examples and tutorials / resources about "Narrated Sketchnotes" are available in this YouTube playlist.