Family Oral History Unit by Wesley Fryer

Practice Classmate Interview

Context Help: These is a lesson (an "assignment" in our school LMS, Canva) for my multi-lesson unit on "Family Oral History."



In this assignment you'll record an audio interview with a classmate and share it both to Canvas and Padlet. BOTH you and your partner will record your own (SEPARATE) audio interviews.

This tutorial video shows you how to use VOICE MEMOS on your iPad to record and share your file to Google Drive. It also shows all the other steps to complete this assignment. (Also available on YouTube.)

Turn In

Post your classmate interview AND script to this Padlet. (link removed for public webpage)

Turn in that PADLET LINK here in Canvas!

(insert "Turn in Two Things" animated GIF here!)

In the DESCRIPTION of the post, paste the SHARE LINK for your SCRIPT. (Be sure to SHARE the script so ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN VIEW.)

If your audio recording file is too big to post to Padlet: