Minecraft Mars Outpost: "Building Like NASA with Minecraft MakeCode"

Minecraft Mars Files

These are file downloads, Minecraft Education world seeds, and modified worlds which we are using (and can be used in your own) "Coding Mars" or "Minecraft Mars" projects.

Minecraft Mars Map Worlds

Minecraft Seeds for Mars-like Worlds

Seed 128388 can be used to create a Mars-like world in Minecraft Education. (Photos are available!)

More seeds and actual downloadable worlds / maps will be added here soon!

Mining Resource Sorter

The video below provides an overview of a STRUCTURE BLOCK created by Ari P in Spring 2024, which functions as a" Mine Resource Sorter" in Minecraft Education. This is the Microsoft Minecraft MakeCode created by Ari for this project and Agent mining demo.

Use this link to DOWNLOAD the actual Minecraft Education STRUCTURE BLOCK, and then import it into your own world. (Tutorial video about this coming soon.)