Creating a PUBLIC Website with Google Sites!*

(Right now Dr. Fryer's example portfolio is the only one that is PUBLICLY accessible.)

Requirements for your Google Site:

  1. Do NOT:

    1. Put a photo of yourself on your site

    2. Use your last name (use your FIRST name only)

  2. Homepage:

    1. SAFE information ABOUT yourself

    2. At least 3 hyperlinks

    3. At least 1 image from a safe image source

  3. Parent Page: Computer Applications -or- Media Literacy

    1. Child page: InfoPics

    2. Child page: Audio Interviews

    3. Child page: Sketchnotes

    4. Child page: Surveys (include survey link and results)

    5. Child page: GeoMap

  4. Parent Pages (for EACH of your other current PDS classes)

Online Media Sharing - by
  • Student portfolios for fall 2022 are only available for internal PDS viewing. Technically, the websites are set for ANYONE WITH THE LINK TO VIEW, and students build their sites with this in mind. The links are not publicly shared, however, so parents must have the DIRECT LINK to access their child / student's portfolio / website. Only students / teacher / staff at our school can access the PROTECTED Google

For more background on my "file cabinet" and "showboard" pedagogy of student digital portfolios, see the "Digital Portfolios" page on