Family Oral History Unit by Wesley Fryer

Context Help: These is the FALL 2023 archive of my multi-lesson unit on "Family Oral History." The Spring 2023 archive of this unit (when I taught at Casady School in Oklahoma City) is also available.


Students will develop skills as family oral history historians and digital archivists.





Tips for Family Oral History Interviews by (Spring 2023)

Download a PDF or Google Docs version of our Project Permission Form

Practice Interview 2

Google Classroom assignment:

Complete the attached "Oral History Interview Script" with at least five planned questions.

Refer to the “Great Questions List” by Storycorps for question ideas. Be sure to ask OPEN ENDED questions!

Use your script and either the TwistedWave Website or iOS app "Voice Record Pro" to record a PRACTICE interview with a classmate or someone else. TURN IN BOTH your completed SCRIPT here and your recorded MP3 audio file.

To record your interview you may use either:

Additional Resources

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