Welcome to My AI Laboratory!

Here are links to several coding experiments I've made or am working on using AI LLMs like ChatGPT, Claude AI and Bing Chat AI.

I'm now documenting my AI discoveries and creations on a Google Doc, "AI Tips and Tricks."

My first AI coding project was this "5 Photo Random Image Generator" script. (Learn more about "Five Photo Story" projects.)

5 Photo Random Image Generator

2. Tic Tac Toe Game

Created with ChatGPT 4 on 11 October 2023. View the prompts / chat conversation.

3. Social Media Text Prepper

3. Social Media Text Prepper

In about 1.5 hours in the evening of 26 Oct 2023, I used ChatGPT 4 to create my 2nd interactive web app I’ve named, “Social Media Text Prepper.” It is 3 files: a HTML index.html file, a styles.css stylesheet, and a script.js logic javascript file. I want to share this on GitHub and also make it an iOS app using Swift code as a “wrapper” for the web app. Maybe later into an iOS app running on more native code than web code. This remixes / builds on some of the functionality of the (now apparently deprecated / not available) iOS app “Text Split.”

My ChatGPT interaction log is available.

More documentation is available on my "AI Tips and Tricks" Google Doc.

Update 4 Dec 2023: I've shared the source code for this project on GitHub.

4. Random Roll Call Question Generator

5. Compass Points Interactive Quiz