In this project students will learn what makes a "good InfoPic" and how to edit / fix InfoPics using a variety of available tools in Google Slides.


  1. Provide an accessible, entry-level lesson about InfoPics for 5th graders not yet familiar with many of the tools in Google Slides

  2. Provide multiple examples of good InfoPic project elements: Large, engaging photos - short, concise text - easy to read text (large, contrasting colors)

  3. Invite students to use their own creativity coming up with appropriate phrases to use as captions on different photos


  1. Setup both Google Classroom for assignment file exchange and Seesaw to use as a digital learning journal / digital portfolio.

  2. Familiarize students with copy/paste functions in Google Slides and with text boxes, using a lesson like "Who Am? Who Are We? "


  1. Review or introduce process of accessing assignments in Google Classroom.

  2. Go over slides in the "Fix These InfoPics" Google Slideshow with students.

  3. Demonstrate how to "fix" the first few slides, as students work on their own slideshows / computers.

  4. Mention how all images in this project are Unsplash.com, which is a copyright-friendly, curated source of images for media projects.


  1. Invite students to share InfoPics on their Seesaw learning journal / Seesaw class blog / WriteAbout.com class blog.

  2. Teach and assign the lesson, "5 InfoPic Slideshow."

  3. With gentleness and kindness, review infopics created by others and discuss how they could be even better / more effective.

  4. Show students how to create infopics using Adobe Spark Post.