Assignment Description

Today in class we will learn how to create a 1000 pixel by 200 pixel IMAGE in Google Drawing. If you need to review those steps, refer to this video:

1- Start by reviewing these example image collages on PDS student portfolios:

2- Create THREE image collages to serve as HEADER IMAGES for pages on your Google Site.

3- Use images from and icons from in your collage.

4- Include LARGE TEXT and at least TWO images or icons on each collage.

5- Insert these JPG images (remember to choose FILE - DOWNLOAD AS - JPG in Google Drawing) at the top of 2 more pages of your Google Site.

6- Remember to PUBLISH your site so the changes are viewable by others.

7- ATTACH the THREE IMAGES (as JPG files) you created as Image Collages to this assignment.

8- Also ATTACH THE THREE LINKS to each of the webpages where you are using those HEADER IMAGES to this assignment.*

9- Turn in the assignment.

* Remember to copy the PUBLIC LINKS to each webpage


- 3 JPG images

- 3 LINKS to your portfolio pages