These are Chrome extensions I use, like and recommend.  More details are available in this blog post. (Updated 2 Nov 2022)

A free and light-weight (doesn't require much memory) ad blocker.

Displays a different image from Google Earth each time you open a new tab or window in Chrome.

Quickly turn Chrome Extensions on or off

Save memory in your web browser / on your computer by "suspending" unused tabs automatically.

Quickly copy the HTML color code from any part of a webpage.

Create formatted citations for works cited / bibliography references. Requires separate software download / install.

Save a webpage article into your "Pocket" list for later distraction-free reading.

Other extensions I use / have used and recommend include 1 Password, Share YouTube Video Upload Date, LastPass, OneTab, Buffer, Hypothesis, Screencastify, DraftBack, Privacy Badger, WikiWand, and Share Extensions.

For a past version of this list, see my June 2015 post, "Seven Indispensable Google Chrome Extensions." Most of those extensions are still on this list!