Original lesson idea by Todd Johnson, Providence Day School, IDEAS (Spring 2023)

Day 1: Welcome to DAY 1 of our "Summer Camp Design" Unit.

Summer Camps have been around for a long time. Camps generally follow a common recipe for success. You need a good theme and various activities for campers to enjoy to go along with it. Your challenge is to Design a Summer Camp and at least 4 anchor activities: a Dining Hall and 2 Camper sleeping areas that coincide with that theme. Get creative and have fun!

Your Tasks:

Turn in a Google Doc (here on this assignment) with:

Day 2: Prototype

It is time to start creating!

Engineers need to know how to collaborate as a team to accomplish a task. Take inventory of your skills and abilities to determine who should be working on each part of the project.

Create a map and poster for your summer camp with a digital or analog (paper) tool of your choice:

The poster should have the Camp Name, major activities, dinning hall, sleeping areas and be designed in a way that clearly illustrates the camp theme.

Create a short movie commercial for your camp (less than 60 seconds). The commercial should include all of the same elements as the poster and include explanations of each of the major activities at the camp.

Turn in the FINAL VIDEO in SEESAW (or if it is too large / big, upload it in Google Classroom). Only ONE person in your group needs to upload the VIDEO.

Day 3: Work Time - Show & Share

Example Student Projects

Unicorn Camp

Camp Adventure *


* Unfortunately the music for this iMovie trailer has evidently been "claimed" by someone else, so the video cannot be posted to YouTube.

Around the World Camp

Sporting Camp