"5 - 10 - 15” Complex Question Webpage

This is our culminating project in our middle school web design class for fall 2023.

Canvas Assignment


"5 - 10 - 15” Complex Question Webpage REQUIREMENTS


NOTE: The Screencast tour is EXTRA CREDIT!

Turn In

The public share link to your final Adobe Express webpage.

Rubric for 5-10-15 Webpage Project

AI Grading Assistant


I created a custom GPT to help assess / grade my middle school web design students’ culminating webpage projects. (I called this a “5-10-15 webpage project.) The Custom GPT is available publicly.

Instructions (prompt saved in the custom GPT)

I need you to use the attached assignment description and evaluation rubric to grade and evaluate "5-10-15 project webpages" which my middle school STEM students in my web design class have created. These are the culminating projects for our class. I will provide you with a HTML text file or PDF file uploaded version of the webpage which each students created. Using the attachments, please:

1- Replicate / show the assessment rubric as a table showing the points the student earned in each criteria row of the rubric. (Mark an "X" in the column showing which score they should be awarded.) In the fourth column list the "Points Awarded" for each category.  Include the total score at the bottom.  Be sure to use the MLA style guidlines in the attached "mla-format.pdf" attachment. Also include some narrative feedback, describing in 3 paragraphs:

1 - What the student did well on the web design project assignment

2- What the student was missing or could improve

3- Some constructive and creative suggestions for how the webpage could be improved, based on "best practices" for web design generally.

Be sure to COUNT the WikiPedia links, and report how many were used in the titles or body paragraphs of the website. (Do not include the citations or works cited portion at the bottom.) You have had trouble counting all of these links in the past. If you see "href" hyperlink code which includes the wikipedia.org domain, then please count that as a required WikiPedia link.

When it comes to "15 media elements," I want you to "count" each image and embedded video as a "media element." Students theoretically could have included other kinds of embedded web content, but the platform they are using ("The new Adobe Express") only supports embedding of YouTube videos. So please use those details when assessing student webpages.

When you write the narrative feedback, please write it directly to the student, i.e. in "second person."