In this multi-lesson unit students will learn more about how WikiPedia works and how WikiPedia can be used effectively as a "LAUNCHPAD" for information validation and research.


  1. Dispel the common myth that WikiPedia is worthless as an information source and should not be used inside or outside of school

  2. Help students better understand the ways WikiPedia editing and pages work so they can effectively utilize it as an information source

  3. Continue developing student sketchnoting skills

  4. Continue developing student abilities to effectively share ideas with media and hyperlinks on a variety of websites / platforms


  1. Complete initial sketchnoting lessons and activities with students

  2. Complete the "Role Model Reflection" activity using a WikiPedia article (we use this as a 5th grade Media Literacy Lesson)


Day 1: Understanding WikiPedia Sketchnote

Today we will create and share Sketchnotes about WikiPedia to better understand how it works and how we can use it as a "launchpad" for our curiosity and even research into different topics.

"WikiPedia is a launchpad, not a finish line" when it comes to finding and using information.


Watch the first 13.5 minutes of the video, Using Wikipedia: Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #5.

Create a Sketchnote of your learning points and takeaways.


Turn your Sketchnote in three ways:

  1. Upload in Google Classroom to this assignment.

  2. Post to our Padlet of Sketchnotes (link in Google Classroom)

  3. Post to Seesaw with an audio reflection (RESPOND to the activity)


To get ready for our next activity / lesson, use the "Casady Self-Service" iPad app to install "Loom: Screen Recordings & More."

Sketchnote by Dr. Fryer (shared on Flickr)

"Wizard of Oz" video clip to use in the context of discussing WikiPedia TALK PAGES

Day 2: Just Add WikiPedia Screencast

Today will will:

  1. Learn how to record and share an iPad screencast using Loom it will provide us with a quick link to share)

  2. Learn and practice how to use WikiPedia to check an unfamiliar website source


To get ready for this activity / lesson, use the "Casady Self-Service" iPad app to install "Loom: Screen Recordings & More."

STEP 1 - Loom Screencasting

Watch the 3 minute video (starting at 0:43) "Loom Instructions for iPad"

Create a practice screencast (which you will NOT turn in) recording and showing something on your iPad. Play your screencast when finished to CONFIRM you recorded BOTH your screen and your audio.

STEP 2 - Just Add WikiPedia

Many times when someone sends us a link or we find a link online, we encounter unfamiliar sources. WikiPedia can be helpful as a STARTING POINT to learn more about web sources. We can do this by JUST ADDING WIKIPEDIA to a web search for a website / URL, as demonstrated in this video by Mike Caufield.

Watch the 3.5 minute video, "Just Add Wikipedia (Source Verification Omnibar Hack)."

Watch the 2 minute video, "Just Add WikiPedia on an iPad to Check a News Source" (this shows how to do this technique in the Safari for iPad app)

Choose the article link below BASED ON YOUR BIRTH MONTH, and perform a JUST ADD WIKIPEDIA search. See what you can learn about the SOURCE WEBSITE:

STEP 3 - Create and Share a Screencast Tutorial

Record a LESS THAN 60 SECOND screencast in LOOM, demonstrating and TALKING THROUGH your use of the "Just Add WikiPedia" source checking technique.

Turn your LOOM LINK in via Google Classroom.