A GeoMap media project can include text, hyperlinks, images, and videos connected to locations on virtual maps. Geo-Map projects can provide windows into events, concepts, places and stories which join disparate media elements into a cohesive digital narrative. (Source: ShowWithMedia.com) A GeoMap can be a type of Multimedia Enhanced Digital Story.

Project Overview and Tutorial *

Project Examples

Why We Need Pi

A March 2009 digital story integrating video, a screencast, and Google Earth. More background is available in this blog post.

Hiroshima Project

This is a video highlighting a GeoMap project created by our daughter, Sarah, in 2013 when she was in 8th grade. More information about this project from September 2013 is available, along with more GeoMap resources shared in March 2014 when this video screencast was created. Some links in the workshop curriculum, "Geo-Apps: Google Maps And Google Earth" are broken but many still work.

* An excellent way to introduce students to the power of GeoMaps is to create an interactive GeoMap using Google Form results. See this tutorial video from June 2015 for details!

Google Earth Studio

Create Advanced GeoMaps!

Advanced GeoMaps can be created with Google Earth Studio. (Sign up is required)

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